City pastor's warning to Uhuru over China


Migwi cautioned President Kenyatta telling him to beware of the Asian economic giant and its financial aid which he said is sinking us further into debt which they will use eventually to colonise us.

"President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta please be aware of this highly populated country called China, this money (debt) they're lending to us and the world is a sweet lollipop but later we will be left with kasmall stick after the sweetness is finished, the DEBT for infrastructure the Chinese are using it as tool to colonize us , to take the port of mombasa and other part of the country, it's a matter of time they will demand a military base in Kenya .....mark this date ..the large part of the world will be under Chinese kingdom," he warned.

"Colonising" countries

Pastor Migwi said that China was colonising smaller countries by lending them massive amounts of money which they can never repay in bid for world domination.

He cited examples of countries such as Sri-Lanka and Djibouti as examples of defaulters who are being pressured into surrendering control of assets or allowing military bases on their land.

"China is "colonising" smaller countries by lending them massive amounts of money they can never repay but later they must pay by other means. The country is accused of leveraging massive loans it holds over small states worldwide to snatch assets and increase its military footprint," he added.

China-Africa Summit

President Kenyatta is currently attending the China-Africa Forum for Cooperation (FOCAC) 2018 Summit bringing together all African nations and China aimed at boosting the continent’s development.

Besides taking part in the Summit, President Kenyatta is also scheduled to hold bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping that will focus on trade, infrastructure, investments, education and technology.

While in Beijing, the President will witness the signing of an Economic and Investment Cooperation Agreement between China and Kenya.


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