Michael Oyamo, the besieged personal assistant to Migori Governor Okoth Obado, has given his side of the story on the brutal murder of University student Sharon Otieno.

Oyamo di not denying meeting Ms Otieno, who was in the company of Nation journalist Barrack Oduor.

However, he denied having taken part in the brutal murder, saying he was also kidnapped alongside Oduor and Ms Otieno after their meeting in Rongo town.

In his statement following his arrest, Oyamo said that after his kidnappers attacked him, he proceeded to seek treatment in Kisii and claimed he was arrested while heading to a police station to report the incident.

Oduor, on his part, said that he and the deceased university student left Rongo after Oyamo told them he would take them to meet Governor Obado.

The Nation journalist added that it was on their way to meet the Governor that they were joined by two men who wore masks, and later attempted to strangle him. Sensing danger, Oduor said he jumped out of the moving car and sustained injuries on his knees.