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It's a Michuki moment - Kabogo issues warning on insecurity in Nairobi [Video]

Kabogo rallies Kenyans against criminal gangs with a wave of crime hitting the city as gangs armed with knives and guns terrorize Nairobi residents

William Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has weighed in on the security in the country, with armed gangs terrorizing Kenyans even as the police service swings into action to tame runaway crime especially in the Nairobi.

Maintaining that “It’s a michuki moment,” Kabogo called for a ruthless fight against crime, similar to the decisive crackdown on Mungiki and other criminal gangs that was led by former Internal Security Minister, John Michuki.

The Tujibebe Wakenya party leader cautioned that failure to do so would lead to regrets.

“Enough is Enough. We must deal with the criminal gangs terrorizing people all over. If We don’t do it now we will live to regret. viva. It’s a michuki moment!


“Fellow Kenyans we must now unite more than ever against crime. We cannot be spectators of criminal gangs terrorizing Kenyans as we watch.” Kabogo noted.

“We must take up our space now and say enough is enough. If we don’t stop this now there is going to be a very big problem for our country. Today is someone else, tomorrow it’s gonna be you. What are you gonna do. It is your chance now to take charge as Kenyans.” He added.

Insecurity and terror gangs in Nairobi

Criminal gangs operating on foot or on motorbikes have been terrorizing city residents in a new wave of crime.


A new report titled Criminal Activity Trends released earlier this week noted that there has been a steady rise in armed and opportunist robberies in residential and commercial areas across Nairobi.

The report read in part that “The incidents mainly target pedestrians, traders and motorists, and increasingly feature the use of motorcycles and bodaboda taxis”.

Armed with guns, knives and other weapons, the gangs leave a wave of destruction in their wake, including death in some cases with several others taken to hospital with injuries.


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