Chebukati blasts Akombe as Voting kicks off Country wide

The blame game is far from over

While addressing Journalist at Bomas on Wednesday,  Chebukati made remarks that appeared to be directed at the former commissioner who resigned and moved back to US.

Chebukati stated that some Kenyans find it easy to protest about issues affecting their country when they are abroad, than when they are in Kenya.

“It is indeed sad that some Kenyans find it easier for them to protest about Kenyan issues when they are abroad, than when they are within the borders of our country. One need not to be bold or fearless because even the right to protest is constitutionally guaranteed and protected” said Chebukati in his speech.

Last week the former commissioner made news across the globe after her interview with BBC, where she revealed that the Electoral body was not in position to guarantee a credible election.

However, Chebukati assured Kenyans that his body was ready to conduct the elections and that’s why voting has kicked off country wide with tight security present at the polling stations.


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