Sharon Otieno’s father painfully recounts how she was tortured

Sharon Otieno's father breakdown as he remembers how his daughter was tortured

Douglas Otieno said that his daughter must have been painfully tortured before she was finally killed by her assailants.

While painting a gory picture of the crime scene, Mr. Otieno said his daughter’s lifeless body had several deep cuts which was proof of the agonizing moments the 26-year old went through.

According to Otieno, Sharon’s intestines were spilling on the left side and at a glance, her neck seemed broken.

“From behind she had been badly pierced with a sharp object, probably a knife. On the left side of her stomach, the intestines were spilling. By the neck, she had a very deep wound. On the hand, she also had a very deep cut.

“And the neck as I saw it I believe it was broken,” Mr. Otieno said while holding back tears.

Before her death, Sharon, who was seven months pregnant, was abducted alongside Nation Media Group (NMG) journalist Barrack Oduor, who luckily escaped death by a whisker.

It is said that Sharon had revealed to Mr. Oduor details of an affair she had with a powerful politician in Migori leading to the pregancy.

Migori’s Governor Okoth Obado has been linked to this incident since his PA Michael Oyamo was the last person who was in contact with Sharon and the Nation journalist.

However, Mr. Obado denied any involvement.

At the same time, Sharon’s father defended his daughter stating that she was not involved with the Governor.

"The last time she talked to me she told me about the PA of Obado" he said.


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