Mahustler Tibim- Dp Ruto’s late night Tweet on Raila sparks wild reactions

Welcome Tinga to the Hustler movement- Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto (Courtesy)

Deputy President William Ruto is pleased to welcomed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to the “Hustler Nation” following his remarks on empowering Boda Boda operators in the Country.

In a late night tweet, DP Ruto commented Odinga’s speech in Kisumu, stating that he is happy to see ‘real issues’ take the centre stage in the ongoing BBI rallies.

“The makanga, wheelbarrow, mkokoteni, mama mboga & bodaboda guys are FINALLY at the centre of our CONVERSATION. With EMPOWERMENT all of them can be like Mr. Hilton a shoeshinner who finally owned Hilton hotels. Welcome Tinga to the Hustler movement. Mahustler Tibim @RailaOdinga reads DP Ruto's tweet.

Ruto shared a video of the ODM Party leader talking about the importance of empowering the Youth, giving an example of Hilton who started off as a shoe-shiner, before setting up a chain of Hotels worldwide.

“Vijana wetu wengi wanafanya Kazi ya Jua Kali, wengine ni Boda Boda. Hiyo ni Kazi amaboyo inapatia wewe riziki kila siku, lakini pale ni Mwanzo, lakini unajua unaelekea wapi. Jua Kali ni pale umeanza lakini sio Mwisho wako, Boda Boda ni pale umeanza lakini sio mwisho wako…” said Raila in Part.

However, a section Kenyans On Twitter joined the conversation, trying to analysis DP Ruto’s reaction on Odinga’s statement in the quest of making their opinions count.

A user Mzalendo Jeff said that BBI report had got the Tanga Tanga movement by surprise and they have no option but to join in.

“@WilliamsRuto @OleItumbi and @RailaOdinga THE #BBIReport has CAUGHT TANGATANGA by SURPRISE. They expected BBI to propose an EXECUTIVE PRIME MINISTER & a CEREMONIAL PRESIDENT. This was their selling point, but now that Presidency's been maintained as is, Tangatanga is struggling to find another smoking gun. Bure Kabisa!” Mzalendo Jeff.

Another user added “I hope this doesn’t come out badly but you sound bitter sir,are you bitter? To be very honest,BBI is an entire strategy on its own ama what do you think?”


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