Malik Obama, half-brother to former US President Barack Obama has been on a spree to publicly shame the Kenyan media over his ‘bad image’ with his brother, even as he decries situations the Kenyan media has been ‘putting words in his mouth.’

Since the hullabaloo of the coming of Obama in his K’Ogelo Village of Siaya County, Kenyan media landscape has been awash with the news of his arrival slated for July 16.

It begun early July with a story published in a local daily in which Malik was described to have been ‘unbothered’ by the coming of his brother. He would then fire back to the publication with a photo of the paper on Twitter adding: “fake news: They have to drag me into their mess/drama.”

“Fake news! ‘He is also likely to come face-to-face with his half-brother turned foe Malik Obama who vehemently opposed his presidency since 2008." Mr. Trump ran in 2016!” he shamed another publisher, nearly a week later.

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This was even after in February, Malik move to ‘forgive his brother Barack Obama and al others whom he had wronged.’

“I forgive my brother Barack Obama and all those who have wronged me. So help me God,” he tweeted on February 20.

He mocks the Kenyan media for running front page stories regarding him and his frenemy relationship with the former US President, for national circulation. He says: “I never said anything. They just put words in my mouth and made up a story folks.”

In 2016, Malik told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that his allegiance to his brother had changed, and that he was “disappointed in the president I am voting for Trump.” He was referring to President Obama.

The criticism mounted by Malik comes amid a storm sparked by his sister, Dr Auma Obama, who felt that Kenyans should wake up and “do something, as the coming of Obama would not change anything,” a statement that some section of Kenyans online have taken issue with.

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