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Mathe Wa Ngara collapses during bail hearing [Video]

Dramatic scene unfolds as Mathe wa Ngara collapses during bail hearing, captured in video footage.

Nancy Indoveria Kigunzu alias Mathe wa Ngara arrested

The proceedings at Jomo Kenyatta's Magistrate Court took an unexpected turn today as Mathe wa Ngara, popularly known by the name Nancy Kigunzu, experienced a sudden collapse during the ongoing hearing.

The incident led to an unplanned adjournment as court staff rushed to provide assistance.

The atmosphere within the court premises was tense as a video clip captured the distressing scene of Mathe wa Ngara lying on the floor, prompting court staff to respond swiftly to the situation.

The incident occurred just as the court was about to delve into the hearing, which was set to determine the outcome of her bail application.


Mathe wa Ngara has now raised a significant query regarding the whereabouts of the substantial sum of Sh13.4 million that was recovered by the police.

Through her legal representatives, Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta, she asserts that the money is intended to be treated as evidence, and thus should not have been confiscated by the state.


The legal team emphasises that the funds were meant to serve as an exhibit in the ongoing legal proceedings.

The situation took an intriguing turn when law enforcement conducted a raid at a location suspected to be associated with Kigunzu.

During this operation, authorities not only seized a considerable amount of money but also reportedly discovered illicit substances.


In a recent development, the High Court issued an order last Friday, August 25, mandating that the Sh13.4 million in question be securely placed within the Assets and Recovery Agency's (ARA) preservation account, held at the Kenya Commercial Bank.

This directive aims to ensure the safeguarding of the funds while legal proceedings progress.


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