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Meet Kim Musau, Kenyan explorer who took a road trip from Nairobi to Portugal

Kim Musau has been on the road for the past 6 months

Kim Musau

Renowned Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo recently had an exciting encounter with a fellow Kenyan, Kim Musau, who has been on an incredible road trip across continents.

Musau's extraordinary journey has taken him through various countries, and Larry caught up with him during his stop in Portugal.

Kim Musau's passion for travel and exploration is evident through his documented experiences on his Twitter page.


From his posts, it becomes clear that he has embarked on an awe-inspiring adventure, traversing borders and immersing himself in diverse cultures.

Larry Madowo on Sunday 2, shared details about Kim Musau's remarkable journey. Setting off from Nairobi, Musau has been on the road for an impressive six months.

His expedition began by driving down to Namibia, exploring its captivating landscapes before continuing along the scenic coastline to Morocco.


From there, he took a ferry to Spain, ultimately reaching his current destination, Portugal.

The sheer magnitude of Musau's road trip is enough to spark envy in any travel enthusiast.

The ability to witness breathtaking landscapes, engage with different communities, and experience the world's diverse cultures is a dream many yearn for.


Kim Musau's story is an inspiration for those who seek adventure beyond conventional boundaries.

His courage to embark on such an extensive journey showcases the beauty of stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing the unknown.


As Larry Madowo shared this encounter with his audience, he couldn't help but wonder if they felt a tinge of jealousy.

"Ran into a Kenyan car in Portugal! Alphalandrover has been on the road for 6 months. He left Nairobi and drove down to Namibia, then along the coastline to Morocco, took a ferry to Spain and now he’s here. Are you not jealous?" Larry questioned on his Sunday social media post.

Kim Musau's road trip is not just about covering great distances but also about discovering oneself through encounters with different cultures and landscapes


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