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6 things Miguna told the BBC while in Amsterdam

Miguna spills the beans.

Police bombed his home

Miguna sensationally claimed that “police detonated a device at my gate and the front entrance of my house” before the nearly 30 armed men abducted him on Friday February 2. He also added that the 30 armed men did not identify themselves, but drove him out of his home, without telling him why and where there were taking him.


“They kept me incommunicado detention from that day until yesterday evening when they took me to JKIA in a KLM flight to where I am now,” Miguna told the BBC in an interview.

Detained in 6 police stations

While anxiety early engulfed the whereabouts of Miguna Miguna as police kept shifting him from one police cell to another, the avid lawyer revealed that police took him through six police stations, begging in from Githunguri where he was detained at first.

“They took me to at least six police stations. The first one was Kiambu police station, then Githunguri police station, then Lari police station, then there was an inland container depot the fifth one was now then airport, in between I was taken to a Kajiado police station in my way to Kajiado Law Courts, where I was purportedly charged with treason,” he said.

It is understood Miguna refused to take plea in Kajiado, as “his case was booked with Judge Luka Kimaru in Nairobi.


I had no access to the lawyer, doctor

Miguna narrated a harrowing encounter in the police cells, at some point revealing that his feet swell but was denied access to medical services. The blockage of Miguna to access legal services, he said, “did not know what was happening, because I couldn’t see the need to take the plea, neither did I see their statement.”

Banned Ugandan NRM

Miguna resoundingly claimed that he confronted the police and told them off of the purported banning of NRM, adding that “the NRM you banned is the Ugandan NRM, the NRM-Kenya remains as it is.”

“It is an idea, not a party, so you cannot ban an idea.” He said.


He equally claimed that the police failed to adduce evidence that he was a member of the purportedly outlawed sect. He explained that the conversation turned out that he “was in Kenya illegally” and eventually deported him.

Legal rebut of Kenyan citizenship

He also reiterated that he will fight the grievous violation of his rights by the Jubilee government. He decried of an illegal deportation, claiming that the Government is fully aware that he could not lose his citizenship which he acquired by birth. Miguna was born in Kisumu County in 1962.

“I have instructed my lawyers to invalidate what Matiang’i purportedly claims to be a deportation. I want to have my passport back so that I can return to Kenya sooner.

"They had no option but to finally deport me on grounds that I was illegally in Kenya. But the law is clear - I was born in Kenya and thus they cannot purport to cancel my citizenship. The security agencies have generally thrown the constitution to the dogs and have no respect for the rule of law," he said.


Inhumanly treated

Miguna said he did not take a bath or shower since the day of his arrest and that his request to see a doctor, as he developed symptoms of pneumonia, was not granted.

"I have been treated so badly... like a beast... I was not allowed to sleep... I was kept standing for over 24 hours and when I managed to sleep, I did so on a bare cement floor that was cold," he said.


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