MP Gladys Wanga clashes with LSK President Nelson Havi over comment on their protest to Parliament

How did the occupy parliament protest end up in a tea and mandazi feast- Wanga to Havi

MP Gladys Wanga and Nelson Havi

Homabay Women Representative Gladys Wanga and Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi have been throwing jabs at each other on Twitter for the better part of today.

The war of words between the two started after Wanga termed Havi’s #OccupyParliament match as a Joke by sharing his photo in company of other lawyers enjoying a cup of tea at Parliament building.

“#OccupyParliament by tanga tanga led by @NelsonHavi 🤣🤣! Let me laugh..teeth are bones” tweeted Gladys Wanga.

The tweet prompted the LSK President to throw insults at the County MP as well as exposing his past to the public.

“I have a file on Gladys Wanga when President Uhuru Kenyatta wanted her jailed in 2017 for insulting him with unprintable words. If an elected MP can insult the President, what more can she not do? I spent a lot of time and money defending her pro bono. Let her be. Useless Woman!” wrote Nelson Havi.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Wanga hit back stating that LSK made a mistake by electing an attention seeker on tanga tanga payroll for 'president'.

“LSK made a grave mistake electing an attention seeker on tanga payroll for 'president'. Let's have less talk/hot air and more action - how did the much touted occupy parliament/block MPs end up in a tea and mandazi feast in the very bunge? Bure kabisaa” tweeted Gladys Wanga.

Busia Women Rep. Florence Mutua also intervened questioning Havi, on why he was sharing his client’s confidential information to the public.

“What happened to client confidentiality? Totally disappointed and please Hon Wanga can NEVER be what you just called her and you know that. Shame!” questioned Florence Mutua.

Occupy Parliament

The LSK and the United Green Movement Party had announced that they would hold a protest in Parliament on Monday (October 12) to call for its dissolution, following Chief Justice David Maraga’s advice to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The much-hyped protest did however, not take place, and what emerged later was viral photos of LSK members having tea in parliament, and this angered Kenyans who felt let down, accusing LSK President Nelson Havi of being an all-talk person.


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