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My date saved the day after being stuck with a Sh4,700 restaurant bill in Nairobi


My date saved the day after being stuck with a Sh4,700 restaurant bill in Nairobi

Opening a bank account as a young person is a significant milestone, a rite of passage into the world of financial independence.

I remember the excitement I had about having my own account, a place where my hard-earned money would find a home.

So, picture this: me walking into the banking hall, armed with only my laptop, a dream of becoming a social media influencer.

Then came the security guard, eyeing my ripped jeans like they were a security threat. He let me through with a skeptical nod, but I could feel his stare following me as I made my way to the long queue at the enquiry desk.


At the accounts opening desk, the staff handed me a forest's worth of paperwork with stringent verification processes. I signed where I was told, hoping my signature now resembled something remotely adult-ish.

It was like stepping into a hidden society where everyone spoke fluent finance. My first debit card, with my name embossed in bold letters, felt like a badge of adulthood.

Like you would a brand new car, I decided to take my card for a test drive around the city.

I rang up my girlfriend who managed to free up her afternoon at the request of her knight in shining armor.


My date, a charming soul with a penchant for spontaneous escapades, suggested we explore one of the Swahili food eateries that adorned the city.

As we walked in we were greeted by a sensory feast that momentarily made me forget about the contents of my wallet.

The meal was a tantalizing journey through the coastal regions of Kenya, with flavors that transported us to Lamu's pristine beaches and Mombasa's bustling markets.

Laughter and conversation flowed like the Indian Ocean waves, creating a perfect symphony of connection.


As we wound down the date, I summoned the waiter to bring us the bill which was about Sh4,700. I whip out my trusty bank card, confident as ever, only for the waiter to hit me with the bad news: the card machine was under maintenance.

My date, however, remained unfazed, revealing a secret plan to navigate this unforeseen plot twist. With a sparkle in her eye, she pulled out her phone and opened her Fingo App.

She flashed a smile and said, "Don't worry, babe. I got us covered."

Curiosity mingled with relief as she navigated the app effortlessly, telling me about how the app works and how I could also join by opening an account in only four minutes with only my ID, and good lighting.

I wanted to hear more about the app but at the moment we had a bill to settle.


The first feature that swooped in for the rescue was the ability to make free transactions. With a few taps, she effortlessly paid directly to the restaurant’s Pay Bill number without any transaction cost.

As we went home, she continued telling me about the wonders of Fingo Rewards, their loyalty program.

Every transaction earned her Fingo coins, like collecting treasures on our journey. These coins could be used to double the cashback and spin to win cash rewards. It felt like turning everyday spending into a thrilling game with tangible rewards.

And the cherry on top? Fingo's Savings Goals feature. Automation of regular saving through recurring deposits and easy tracking of saving goals. That evening, my girlfriend turned into my financial coach.

My date saved the day being stuck with a Sh4700 bill at a restaurant in Nairobi


At that moment, Fingo became more than just a banking app. It was a reliable companion, an ally in the unpredictable adventures of life.

Whether you're a travel enthusiast, a foodie, a fashionista, or a sports fanatic, Fingo seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, making it not just useful but essential.

I downloaded the app, used her referral code to join, and we both received Sh20.

Ready to turn your financial journey into an adventure? Join Fingo now using this referral code puls7895 and we'll both score Sh20!


You too can experience the ease of opening an account in just 4 minutes, enjoy free transactions, cashback deals, and the thrill of Fingo Rewards.

Let's make banking a seamless part of your lifestyle—because with Fingo, your story gets even more rewarding. Sign up today and let the Fingo magic begin!



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