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Identity of viral man who strolled past police during protests baffles Kenyans

At the height of clashes between police and protestors, the fearless man calmly walked past fully armed police officers who tried to engage him but he seemed unbothered

Anti riot police in Nairobi CBD

In a gripping display of audacity, a video from Wednesday's anti-government protests by Azimio supporters has gone viral, capturing a moment of extraordinary calm amidst the chaos.

The amateur footage shows a man fearlessly navigating through a barrage of armed anti-riot police, undeterred by the running battles between officers and protestors.

As tensions reached a boiling point during the protests, with clashes erupting between demonstrators and the authorities, the man seemed unaffected by the tumultuous environment surrounding him.


The video quickly gained traction on social media platforms.

The video has sparked intense speculation about the man's identity and motivation, with online discussions delving into theories ranging from him being a peaceful protester making a powerful statement to a local resident simply going about his daily routine amidst the unrest.

As of now, his true intentions remain a mystery, fueling further fascination with this bravery.

Kenyans were surprised, given the extent to which police officers were unleashing violence on those caught up in the running battles.


During protests in Kisumu, police officers allegedly injured Standard Media Group journalist Collins Oduor while covering protests.

"I tried to move away to allow the protesters, who filled the road, to pass. As I moved towards the gate, the police attacked me and mercilessly beat me up," said Oduor.

In Mlolongo, tactical police officers were deployed to quell the demonstrations which degenerated into violence and destruction of property.

Several deaths were reported as a result of the demonstration what happened in various towns across the country.


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