Why Nairobi could soon run out of water - Experts

Nairobi City to follow the way of Cape Town

The Africa Construction Trends report says the capital is at risk of an acute water shortage like the one in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town's situation is one that may replicate itself across major cities in the world.

In Accra, Ghana, the government has rationed water due to insufficient rain and pollution of water sources.

Water infrastructure

According to Reuters, African cities need to better plan and invest in water infrastructure. Cape Town is expected completely run out of water on May 11th.

“Cape Town is not going to be the only city on this continent that’s going to suffer significant water shortage,” Jean-Pierre Labuschagne, an infrastructure expert with Deloitte said at the launch of the report.

The South African authorities have put in place restrictions in efforts to conserve water.

Nairobi is facing a crisis especially because the city's water system was planned for a population of 500, 000 people. It now has 4 million people.

The acting manager of the Nairobi City Water and Sewage Company (NCWSC), Nahason Muguna, also shares the same fears, according to The Standard.

Water rationing

Muguna stated that the current supply of piped water doesn't reach all residents which is the reason for the equitable distribution water rationing programme.

He also dispelled any fears that Nairobi is in a similar situation to Cape Town as the city expects long rains in June. Should the rains be insufficient, water shortages would likely continue to exist.

NCWSC is working with the national government to cushion the city against a crisis.

Nairobi residents could also harbour some hope with the Northern Water Collector Tunnel. It is a project funded by the World Bank and is expected to provide water for 13 satellite towns.


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