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Exclusive: Taxify drivers are bullying me, even after I was drugged - woman in horrific ordeal speaks out

Naomy speaks out on what followed after she reported the matter.

Ms Matinde, a makeup vlogger, has told Pulselive Kenya in an exclusive message that she is being bullied by the drivers after she exposed an ordeal in which a driver, Evans Kamau, allegedly drugged her on a trip on Monday afternoon.

“They are just being abusive,” she wrote to when this writer sought more information on the conduct of the drivers after she exposed the matter.


The dejected Naomy added: “I have received a lot of negative comments. I'm literally drowning. Taxify drivers are making posts in different Facebook groups, I'm being bullied and I just want to stay away from this.”

Asked for a interview to clarify her insurgencies, she declined, redirecting tis writer to many  others “who had shared their ordeals”, yet the company had not taken up the issue.

“Go through my comments you'll see some women who've shared their ordeals. I don't think I can do the interview, I can't take any more negativity,” she said.

Nothing is wrong, so far

On Wednesday, however, Taxify issued a statement demystifying a possible drugging, after the cab hailing firm allegedly failed to get requisite formal complaints from either the police or a medic to proof Ms Naomy’s case.


“We have not received a copy of the doctor’s report or the police report from the rider, our driver has reported the matter to the police and has shared the OB number with us.”

“We have unblocked the driver until further notice (or any other details that may come out),” Taxify said in a statement.

The company said that the driver in the circus dropped the passenger and could later take trips for the better part of the day, different from Ms Naomy’s assertions that she was forced to exit the vehicle in the middle of the highway, and later rush to hospital for checkup.

“The driver parked his car a few meters outside the rider’s destination and continued to receive ride request.”


“The riders who took subsequent trips reported no drowsiness or discomfort during or after the trip, neither did they have an unusual experience with the driver,” said Taxify.

A spot check by on the comments section of the post by Ms Naomy confirmed escalating fears that dozens of Taxify taxi drivers have resorted to molesting clients, in what seems a syndicated move.

“I was probably drugged last month on a Taxify ride one evening. I started feeling dizzy and sick when I got into the taxi.

I took deep breaths and tried to stay awake. I brushed it off as nothing now it has hit me it was probably drugging. After my ride a few minutes later I was feeling fine,” a Wambũi Nganga said.


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