Current situation in Nairobi as demos start [Photos & Video]

Demos in Nairobi

They were joined by women’s rights organization, FIDA.

The demos started at Freedom corner after which they headed to Parliament to deliver a petition demanding for the Mothers Breastfeeding Bill to be enacted.

They then proceeded to Olive Restaurant located along Acca road to picket for allegedly throwing out a woman for breastfeeding her child.

Last week, ‎Mildred Atty Owiso‎, a social media activist, told that she will lead the protest against Olive Restaurant.

Evicted from restaurant

Owiso’s movement was promoted by a sad story shared on Buyer Beware, a Facebook group she owns. In the post, a mother claimed that she was evicted out of the restaurant for breastfeeding her baby in public without covering the infant.

The victim, who identifies herself as Betty Kim on Facebook, alleged that she was given the option of either covering the baby or breastfeed in the toilet.

When she declined to choose from the options given to her, Kim claimed that she was thrown out of the eatery despite the storm that was raging outside.

"I’m very disappointed by (the restaurant) after humiliating me when breastfeeding my baby. Those Waiter’s should be aware not all babies are covered while being fed. The approach was pathetic, it was raining outside na siwezi nyonyeshea mtoto kwa choo," she posted.

"The breastfeeding issue must be taken very seriously. It is unfortunate that women cannot breastfeed in public places without being discriminated against.

"It is important for Parliament to legislate laws demanding offices, restaurant and other places to give women a proper alternative to breastfeed their babies. This is a right that women should and must enjoy," she said during a phone interview.

Breastfeeding Mothers Bill

In 2017, Murang'a Women Representative Sabina Chege tabled the Breastfeeding Mothers Bill in Parliament which only managed to reach the second reading.

This means that the Bill lapsed with the 11th Parliament, hence, it will have to be republished afresh for debate.

The proposed law seeks to compel private and public companies to set aside special rooms for breastfeeding mothers to express milk for infants while at work freely.

It will also force employers to provide lactation rooms at workplaces for breastfeeding mothers.


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