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Boinnet issues stern warning to police officers wearing this uniform

The police have been warned to stop immediately.

While the major reason remains unclear, the IG, in a memo to all officers, directed all his officers to stop, immediately, wearing jungle uniforms outside operation zones.

These include ceremonial, jungle and patrol kits.

He further instructed that all jungle uniforms should be worn only by specialised units or in operation areas where the regular blue and green uniforms were not viable.


The IG warned against wearing jungle uniforms on regular security patrols.

“It has been noted with a lot of concern that officers in urban centres are wearing jungle fatigues while on normal patrol duties,” said Boinnet in a memo from police headquarters to all officers.

The memo warns that violating the police dress code, including wearing any form of civilian clothing while on duty, amounted to indiscipline.

The orders apply to both regular and administration police. Police have different uniforms meant to be worn on various occasions.


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