President Kenyatta cancels dowry payment plans at last minute


President Kenyatta cancels dowry payment plans at last minute

Reports said the President planned to pay dowry for his great grandmother from Narok after 300 years, to correct the wrongs of his great grandfather.

He cancelled the event that was to take place in December after Mama Ngina confirmed that she would be out of the country until February 2019.

According to a local daily, the President is supposed to pay the dowry because he was named after his great grandfather Muigai.

“President Uhuru is named after his great-grandfather Muigai, it’s now his obligation to pay his bride price,” Kungu Muigai who is President Uhuru’s cousin.

Final details

Other details on where the ceremony would take place have however not been revealed as family members are working on final details of the said ceremony.

This comes a few years after President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to trace the roots of his great grandmother and pay her bride price.

After Uhuru won his first term as President in 2013, he promised to find his grandmother named Musana’s roots with the help of the Maasai Council of Elders.


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