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Ruto's fight against cartels improves revenue collection by 300%

Kenya's government services undergo a digital revolution, with President William Ruto's directive leading to a 300 per cent increase in revenue collection on the eCitizen platform

President William Ruto

During the official launch of the eCitizen platform on June 30, His Excellency President William Ruto made a significant directive that has since transformed how government services are accessed in Kenya.

The directive aimed to promote convenience, increase the utilisation of digital services, and address revenue collection challenges associated with traditional manual systems.

As of October 4, 2023, an impressive total of 10,513 government services have been seamlessly integrated into the eCitizen platform, allowing citizens to access and apply for these services conveniently from start to finish.


Additionally, an additional 4,184 services are in the process of being fully onboarded, marking substantial progress in the government's efforts to modernise service delivery.

One of the most notable outcomes of this directive has been the remarkable increase in revenue collected through the eCitizen platform.

In just a few months, revenue collection has surged by an astounding 300 per cent, climbing from Sh1.3 billion in June 2023 to an impressive Sh4.1 billion in September 2023.

This substantial growth in revenue reflects the efficiency and popularity of the eCitizen platform among Kenyan citizens.


Further emphasising this success, the months of July and August 2023 witnessed revenue collections of Sh2.3 billion and Sh3.5 billion respectively, solidifying the platform's critical role in government revenue generation.

The migration of government services to the eCitizen platform continues, with the ambitious goal of fully onboarding all remaining services by December 31, 2023.

This unwavering commitment underscores the government's dedication to providing efficient and accessible services to its citizens while simultaneously boosting revenue collection.

The eCitizen platform stands as a shining example of Kenya's progress toward a digital and citizen-focused future.


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