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Extending a helping hand: How to support flood-affected communities in Nairobi

You, too, can participate in ongoing donation drives across the city. #PulseCares initiative has partnered with a number of organisers across Nairobi to reach those displaced by the floods.

Pulse Cares donations to flood victims

As torrential floods continue to wreak havoc across Kenya, the toll on communities and families is immeasurable.

The impact of the floods is beyond mere inconvenience, it has destroyed homes, livelihoods, and even dreams. In times like these, the resilience of the human spirit shines brightest.

Pulse Cares, a corporate social responsibility initiative by Pulse Africa, in partnership with other well-wishers is mobilising resources to address the immediate needs of those affected.


As the government and other humanitarian organisations have taken care of food, shelter and medical aid, donation organisers are raising awareness on other specific needs these communities have to ensure the assistance is targeted and effective.

While donations of all kinds are appreciated, what the flood-affected populace in Nairobi urgently requires are items that can provide warmth, comfort, and hygiene.

Heavy jackets and warm clothing, especially in men's sizes, will serve as a shield against the biting cold that penetrates makeshift shelters.


Blankets and mattresses will offer a reprieve from the harsh realities of sleeping on desks and uncomfortable seats.

Hygiene products such as basins & buckets, soap, toothpaste, and sanitary pads are indispensable for maintaining health and dignity during this devastating time.

Moreover, medical supplies as well as mental health support will play a pivotal role in addressing the healthcare needs brought about by the floods.

It's worth noting that while meals are also essential, the county feeding program is commendably addressing food requirements.

Hence, the focus lies on providing other indispensable necessities to complement ongoing relief efforts.


To facilitate the donation process, Pulse Care is in contact with donation drive organisers at several drop-off points where individuals can make their donations.

These locations are strategically situated across different parts of the city to ensure convenience for donors. Below are the drop-off points one can access:

  • MSDP - Mukuru Slums Development Project

Contact person: Ann [0721898423]

  • PAG Camp - Huruma Ward

Ask for: Juliet [0797261947], Thomas [0727439517] or Isabella [0714686787]

  • Valley Bridge Camp

Contact person: Ela [0708002332]

  • Undugu Camp

Contact person: Alphonse [0722419980]

  • Ambassador Stage, CBD (9:00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m)

Contact person: Francis [0769518054]

  • Platinum Plaza, Tom Mboya Street opposite Imenti House - 3rd Floor Room 305

Ask for: Beverly [0798599519] or Phillip [0715661646]

  • Kilimani/Lavington Area - Pulse Kenya Offices at 17 Ginge Road

Ask for: Bundi [0723382276] or Judysheila [0732441905]

Each contribution, no matter how modest, has the power to transform lives and restore hope in the hearts of those affected.


Pulse Cares pledges to oversee the collection and swift delivery of all donations to reputable organisations actively engaged in relief operations on the ground.

Editor's Note: Pulse Kenya is not receiving any monetary donations at this time.


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