Hawa watu watajua hawajui, hiyo Reggae itasimama - DP Ruto ahead of BBI launch

Sisi Hatuna shida na BBI lakini kujeni polepole- Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto in Kakamega County over the weekend

Deputy President William Ruto has warned those championing for Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) not to force it on the people, stating that everybody has the free will to choose what is right for them.

Ruto made it clear that he doesn’t have a problem with the BBI report, as along as it will be centered at solving problems facing the common Mwananchi, as opposed to creating leadership positions for a few people. He added that the reggae bravado will be stopped by Kenyans, if it doesn’t articulate issues affecting them.

“Reggae itasimama, haitasimma? Itasimama, wawache kiburi bwana. Msituambia ni lazima na msituambia ya kwamba nobody can stop reggae, Kuna mungu mbinguni na kuna wananchi hawa. Kama Mambo ya wananchi hawa haiku kwa BBI, hiyo Reggae itasimama, ama mnasema aje? Hawa watu watajua hajui,” said DP Ruto in part.

The DP further noted that he will not let other leaders to bulldoze BBI on Kenyans, as if the constitution on Kenyan belongs to a few individuals.

Sisi hatuna shida na BBI

"Si Kesho tunaanza mambo ya BBI, Nyinyi mmesoma BBI? Mimi nataka niwaambie marafiki zetu ambao wanasukuma mambo ya BBI. Sisi hatuna shida na BBI lakini kujeni pole pole. Wacheni kiburi, wacheni vitisho, wacheni matusi, Katiba sio yenu pekee yenu, katiba niya wakenya wote. Hata Mama mboga ako na maoni, hata mtu ya mkokoteni aka na maoni, hata mtu wa boda boda ako na maoni, tumpe nafasi, hata hawa ni wakenya. Hakuna vile mtu anaweza tuambia eti hii BBI nobody can stop reggae. Ati mpende msipende. Kenya sio yenu peke yenu.

Tumeona BBI imejazwa mambo ya wadosi. Iko na mambo ya Prime Minister, Imperial President na mambo ya vyeo ya wakubwa. Hatuna shida na hiyo lakini lazima kuwe na mambo ya biashara na kazi ya huyu mwanainchi wa hapa chini,” said DP Ruto.


He added that: “We can talk about inclusivity with leaders but we must talk about inclusivity about people who have been locked out by poverty and unemployment. How are they going to be part of Kenya? That discussion ladies and gentlemen we must have and it is non-negotiable. This time round we must start with the ordinary people of Kenya before we discuss matters to do with leaders of Kenya.

I want to suggest that before we talk about leadership positions let us first implement the Big 4 Agenda… The housing programme would have created over 4 million jobs for the hustlers including carpenters, masons, plumbers and so many of our youth,” posed the Deputy President.

The BBI Report is expected to be launched on Monday, at the Bomas on Kenya, days after being handed over to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


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