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Watch: Taxi driver & passenger lock Kanjo officer for entering their car without permission

Nairobi taxi driver & passenger lock Kanjo officer for entering their car without permission

A woman locks a kanjo officer after he boarded her Uber ride

In recent events unfolding on Kenyan roads, another altercation between a Kenyan woman and a city Kanjo (city council) officer has stirred considerable attention among Kenyans.

The incident, captured in an undated video circulating on social media, portrays a heated exchange between a visibly irate woman and the city officer who allegedly boarded her Uber ride uninvited.

The video captures the woman expressing her frustration at the officer's unexpected presence in her Uber ride.


She recounts ordering the Uber service only to find the officer hopping into the vehicle without explanation or proper identification.

Demandingly, she questions the officer's authority and demands clarification regarding his purpose for boarding her ride.

Expressing her determination not to release the officer until he discloses his intentions and verifies his identity as a Kanjo officer, the woman adamantly confronts the bewildered officer.

"Utaingiaje kwa gari ya mtu hivo. Ati askari wa kanjo. Askari wa kanjo wapi? Mahali naenda ndio unaenda. Ati naitisha ubber alfu unaingia coz wewe ni kanjo...Ni Sakaja ndio amekutuma? Alaa! Utaingiaje kwa ubber yenye mtu amechukua," She said.

She challenges him to produce his work identification and national ID, emphasizing her rights as a citizen and the officer's obligation to respect them.


"Ati Askari ya kanjo we dont have money to give you. Na umengia ufanye nini kwa hii gari? Ulikuwa unataka nini? Toa kiambulisho yako ya kazi na national ID," she said.


This recent altercation echoes a similar incident that occurred in October 2023, involving a woman named Gloria Ntazola and a Kanjo officer.

  1. In that incident, Gloria took to social media to share a video depicting her confrontation with a county officer who had purportedly entered her vehicle without permission or explanation.

In the video, Gloria locked the car doors, determined to hold the officer accountable for his actions. Despite the officer's attempts to explain and reason with her,

Gloria remains resolute in her stance, accusing the officer of harassment and asserting her rights as a citizen.


Both incidents have sparked widespread discussion and debate among Kenyans, drawing attention to issues of accountability, authority, and citizen rights.

Many citizens have expressed solidarity with the women involved, applauding their courage in standing up to perceived abuses of power by city officers.

However, others have raised questions about the appropriate course of action in such situations, emphasising the importance of dialogue and cooperation between citizens and law enforcement officials.


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