List of the most notorious prisons in Kenya

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Others are infested with not-yet-reformed dangerous criminals who were convicted of capital crime.

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These are the most notorious prisons in Kenya

1. Kodiaga Prison

Kodiaga prison has been touted as one of the worst prisons in Kenya due to various factors.

The conditions that inmates live under are simply horrible. The prison houses more than 2,650 inmates which is more than double its capacity. The buildings are old and dilapidated with rusted metal grills.

According to the Standard, the prison has an acute shortage of sleeping materials. Therefore inmates have to ensure sleeping on tattered mattresses with worn-out blankets.

Food rations are limited and water shortage is common place in Kodiaga.

To add onto their problems, basic drugs like antibiotics run out forcing the inmates to rely on their relatives to bring them medicine.

The Standard reported that Esther Masai, the Officer in Charge of Health Center said that this shortage had contributed to the worsening of some inmates’ sicknesses due to missed medication.

Deaths are taking place rampantly due to suicide or murder by fellow inmates. At one point in time it 10 deaths were registered in a span of two months.

A serial killer called Harrison Okumu who was an inmate there tried to take his own life but failed. However in a tussle at the prison, his cellmates ended up taking his life.

Woe unto the children of female inmates. They are the ones who are worst hit by this crisis. The children are below the age of 4 and were born in the facility.

Keep off crime if you do not want to land in this "hell".

Kodiaga prison is located in Kisumu City’s Riat hills.

2. Wundanyi GK prison

To begin with, hell starts with shortage of sleeping materials such as blankets and mattresses. This leaves the inmates at a precarious situation because they have to scramble and fight for them. In extreme cases, two inmates have to fight for a two inch and ahalf mattress.

The Standard reports that the prison is infested with lice and had previously been ridden with bedbugs before they were contained.

Apparently the wardens are the biggest source of problems because they regularly beat up inmates. Others steal the prisoners’ mattresses.

According to the Standard prisoners allege that the Wardens demand money for the two pieces of meat they are entitled to.

Some prisoners told The Standard that they are forced to wash warder’s clothes and cut grass for livestock owned by senior prison officers.

3. Shimo la Tewa

The Mombasa based prison caught Kenyans’ attention in May 2014 when two inmates died of cholera. It is a Maximum Security Prison that has for long been referred to as the camp of death.

Violent fights and daring jailbreaks are some of the things that characterize the jail.

It has 2,600 inmates who include suspects, the remanded and prisoners. Among these prisoners are 29 top terror suspects and many convicted foreign sea pirates who are kept at the notorious Block F.

A former inmate told the Standard that one prison warder was stabbed at the stomach due while trying to quell a jailbreak.

4. Kakamega Prison

A certain Parliamentary team from the Security committee toured the prison in 2014r and discovered that the inmates were sleeping on old tattered mattresses. Further prodding revealed that  inmates were tearing mattresses in order to use them as tissue paper because of a shortage of the same.

Kakamega prison houses 1,205 prisoners and was built in 1932 by the colonial government.

Nation reported that Kakamega never serves its inmates any breakfast.

“In the case of Kakamega it was reported that no breakfast is served — lunch at 11.50 am and supper at 4 pm. This is a regrettable situation as it means that prisoners have a lapse of 20 hours between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day. It is not clear why Kakamega only serves two meals and follow-up investigations are required,”.


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