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Truth about viral bike rider diverting motorists to dusty road

In the video, Nyaga directed motorists to use a rough road which left netizens wondering who he was

Road Safety Volunteers rider Nyaga

The recent circulation of a video depicting a biker directing traffic on a dusty road caught the attention of online users, triggering various reactions from netizens.

Some speculations emerged, suggesting that the biker could be a boda boda rider who had cleverly altered his motorbike to resemble a traffic police bike. One netizen amusingly remarked that the rider was teasing motorists who obeyed him.

"Kenya is a Special Country! A bodaboda guy with his special motorcycle parked beside the road, testing and exercising his powers on the highway, and his fellow motorists are very obedient. Hii nchi tutafika mbinguni kama tumechoka Sana!" the user wrote.

The video initially garnered light-hearted responses, but its true significance was yet to be revealed.


The intrigue surrounding the video continued until the Road Safety and Safe Driving Practices stepped in to provide clarity on the identity of the biker.

The video was taken in 2021 near Muranga teachers college when there was a diversion.

In a tweet, the organization disclosed that the viral rider is, in fact, a Road Safety volunteer named George Nyaga and also the founder of Road Safety Volunteers Kenya.

Nyaga's dedication to the cause goes beyond directing traffic; he actively responds to accidents and emergencies, ensuring the safety of accident scenes and, in turn, saving numerous lives.


"This is not a bodaboda guy. This is Nyaga, The founder of Road Safety Volunteers Kenya. This guy has better accident data than NTSA and Kipchumba Murkomen combined. He responds to crash scenes and secures the scene. By that act alone, he has saved millions of lives," read the tweet.

The revelation struck a chord with netizens, who shifted from humour to admiration for Nyagah's selfless commitment to road safety and accident response.

His voluntary efforts in securing accident scenes have proven to be invaluable, significantly contributing to preventing further harm and fatalities on the roads.


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