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UDA MP booed while defending Ruto & Gachagua in Ruiru [VIDEO]

UDA MP Simon Kingara faced an uphill task rallying support for President William Ruto during a thanksgiving concert held in Ruiru on Sunday, July 16.

Ruiru MP Simon King'ara speaking during an event on July 16, 2023

The Ruiru MP said that President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua should be given time to turn around the country, saying that the duo had been in office for less than a year.

The crowd started booing and jeering the MP, as he went on to explain his point.

The crowd was further dismayed by the legislator's contribution of Sh30,000 as he explained that his business suffered closure during the anti government protests.

The audience implored on him to increase his donation to Sh50,000.


During the same event, Pastor Ben Kiengei delivered an impassioned speech and shed light on the pressing challenges faced by ordinary Kenyans.

Pastor Kiengei highlighted the plight of the people and urged the government and its representatives to address their struggles.

He addressed the hardships faced by citizens and emphasized the struggles of low income workers, such as construction workers earning meager daily wages that are barely sufficient to feed their families.

With the cost of essential commodities soaring, such as maize flour priced at exorbitant rates, Pastor Kiengei shed light on the dire circumstances.


Directing his words towards the government, Pastor Kiengei implored those in power to be honest with the citizens they serve.

He asked those in close proximity to the president and deputy president to not deceive their bosses as it will only leads to resentment by Kenyans.

"Since you are the people closest to the president and his deputy, don’t lie to them and cause us to hate them. When speaking to Kenyans, let us be respectful because life is very difficult right now.

By highlighting the government's responsibility, Pastor Kiengei added that citizens expect the government to take appropriate action rather than simply complain about the situation.

"We don’t want to hear them blaming Raila Odinga and mentioning Uhuru Kenyatta all the time. If Raila Odinga has committed an offence they should arrest him. Are they not the government? When they complain about Raila and Uhuru to Kenyans what do they expect Kenyans to do?" the pastor said.


In a particularly impactful moment of his speech, Pastor Kiengei directly addressed musician and President Ruto's aide Ngaruiya Junior, expressing disappointment in his seemingly detached stance.

He reminded Ngaruiya of the 2022 campaign period, when he would passionately encourage the people to participate in the electoral process through song and dance.

Pastor Kiengei challenged Ngaruiya to revisit those same marketplaces and witness the desperation and hunger that currently afflict the population.


"Today I dare you to sing that same song at Karatina market, you will be beaten like a child. These people are hungry. Those of you close to the president, please do not lie to him," he said.

He urged those close to the president not to shield him from the harsh reality faced by ordinary Kenyans.

"Ngauryia, I know you are always at State House. Don’t mistake your comfort for Kenyans’ comfort. I am always with Kenyans because in my church we give donations. I am surprised that people who wouldn’t normally come for donations are now tricking in for food.

"The situation is bad. I want to send you Ngaruiya, Kingara ( Ruiru MP) and Kururia (Gatundu North MP) to say that nobody has a problem with the government, but tell them this. When you touch the stomach of the poor, even in heaven you will have no blessing. Lastly, tell them they have four years and eight months to the next election and they will find us here waiting for them.

Pastor Kiengei emphasized that Kenyans would continue to hold the government accountable.


He asked Kenyans to pray for the administrations to deliver on its promises, saying it was in every citizen's best interest for the president to succeed.

"We must pray for the government and the leaders," he said, adding that wishing the government to fail was akin to being in a bus and wishing for the driver to fail.


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