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WhatsApp messages from Faith Musembi’s killer to family surface

Faith Musembi's abductor demanded ransom with the family sending money and reporting to the police only for her lifeless body to be found in her rented house

The late Faith Musembi

WhatsApp messages documenting an exchange between Mount Kenya University student Faith Musembi’s killers and her parents have lifted the lid on what transpired on the day that the 19-year-old was murdered in cold blood.

In one of the messages, the abductor who was using the deceased phone bitterly complains, accusing the deceased’s parents of failing to follow instructions.

"Can you tell the mother to cooperate and have her daughter back, or she dies with her unborn child," read one of the messages in which the abductor claimed that the missing student was pregnant at the time of the incident.


In subsequent exchanges, the family tried to reason with the abductor to no avail.

He finally absolves himself, blaming them for any outcome as he threatens to kill her if they fail to send the ransom demanded to secure her release.

"The mother was so clever to fool me that she would send by 8am, then when the time came, she ignored me. The results are with you," reads yet another message.

Attempts to appeal to the abductor’s conscience yield no results. Instead, they depict a cold-hearted criminal, keen on extorting funds from the family before ending the victim’s life.

"Siku yangu ikifika nitaenda tu (I will die when my day comes, that is not a problem)," reads yet another response after one of Faith’s cousins reached out to the abductor who was using the deceased’s phone.


Police in Thika are investigating the death of the 19-year-old whose lifeless body was found inside her rented house in Thika.

According to her father, police and detectives trivialized the report on her disappearance on two occasions, leaving him with no option but to try his own means to trace his missing daughter.

He claimed that officers at Thika Police Station where he reported the matter dismissed it as a trick used by students to obtain money from their guardians.


He received the same reaction when he reported the matter at Thika DCI office.

Musembi recounted that he decided to break into his daughter’s house and found her daughter’s lifeless body in the house.

The distraught father now faults the police for what he termed as laxity in pursuing the matter when he first brought it to their attention, as well as when he reported the same to Thika DCI office.

The family’s nightmare began when her father received a call from an individual who demanded a ransom of Sh20,000 for the release of their daughter on Wednesday.


The call was made using the deceased’s phone and Musembi’s wife quickly sent the money while he headed to Thika to pursue the matter.

An uncle to the deceased, Joseph Kinaka texted her line on Thursday morning and was met with a demand for more ransom.

The individual in possession of the phone demanded Sh33,000 insisting that she would be killed if the money is not sent.


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