After Wayne Rooney Okoth, Messi Onyango and Postelection Achieng, Baby Donald Trump Otieno is born in Kisumu (Photos)

“Just following my Luo customs naming after nature.” Donald Trump Otieno’s mother revealed after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy on November 9th in Kisumu.


Luos have a tradition of naming their offspring after popular trends and/or phenomena. Baby Donald Trump Otieno was born on the day the Republican candidate was declared winner of US presidential elections.

A couple in Kisumu decided to name their son after US president-elect Donald Trump, and Kenyans are shocked.

People are stunned because Felix Otieno and Lorna Akoth named their son after a controversial character; Trump is known for his barrage of insults and racist remarks.

Baby Trump’s father however explains that he was inspired to name his son after the US president-elect because he speaks his mind.

“He spoke his mind deep from his heart. Most politicians are not sincere like him. I admired Mr Trump because he is a man who says what he thinks and thinks what he says. I love people who speak the truth without any fears” Felix Otieno told Nation.

Baby Trump’s mother explained they were simply following unwithering Luo naming tradition.

“I just delivered a baby boy named him Donald Trump Otieno just following my Luo customs naming after nature. Donald Trump Otieno may God give you wisdom as Solomon.” Lorna Akoth posted on Facebook.

The couple has two other children named Robert Kelly after the renowned American comedian and actor, and Robert Kelly after the renowned American comedian and actor.


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