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Magistrate shows mercy on Kamiti escapees

One of the escapees said that it took 18 months of meticulous planning to escape from the highly protected facility, and explained why he would do it again if given the chance.

Prison Break- Three terror suspects escapes from Kamiti Prison

Kamiti escapee Musharraf Abdalla Akhulunga, alias Zarkarawi Mohammed and his co-accused appeared in court on Monday, November 29 where he said that given a chance he would escape again.

The three were jailed for 15 months for escaping from lawful custody after giving an account of how warders and guards helped them escape.

Zarkarawi told the magistrate that many of the prison staff who aided their jailbreak were yet to be arrested, despite giving the names to Anti Terror police.


He argued that there could be a planned cover up to protect some of the officers he exposed.

The inmates also appealed to the judge to transfer them to another facility because they feared for their lives if returned to Kamiti or Naivasha prisons.

I live in fear because some of the prison warders who aided our escape have not been arrested. During my interrogation by anti-terrorism police, I explained to them but they have refused to arrest them.

I plead with the court not to take me back to Kamiti of Naivasha prison because I will be harmed,” he told the Kahawa Chief Magistrate.

The jurist then asked Zarkarawi to write down the names of the warders who broke them out of jail. She then ordered the prosecution to summon the officers for interrogation.


According to the inmate, they had planned to escape to Ethiopia because they feared that after the end of their sentence they would be executed.

I would escape again given the chance. We were arrested because we had become frail after exhausting all the food we had. We were heading to Ethiopia.

There is no need of finishing your jail term only to be handed over to anti-terrorism police for execution,” he told the magistrate.

The court considered that the trio was sorry for their actions and instead of giving the maximum sentence of two years, they were sentenced to 15 months.

The accused have shown they are remorseful by pleading guilty to the offences and saving this court time and resources in pursuit of justice.


I now sentence them to 15 months each instead of two years for escaping custody,” the magistrate ruled.

The trio was rearrested in Kitui County after jail break that resulted in the sacking of the Commissioner of Prisons.


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