Kivutha Kibwana dares Mutula Junior to impeach him over shut down of counties

All 47 counties are expected to partially shut down their operations

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana and Senator Mutula Kilonzo

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has dared his Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior to sponsor an impeachment motion against him over the looming shut down of counties.

Junior announced on the floor of the Senate that if Governor Kibwana abides by a controversial memo issued by Council of Governors Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya, then he would ensure he was impeached.

Oparanya's memo advised Governors to close all inpatient admissions in county hospitals and send all non-essential staff on a forced two-weeks leave.

"I want to tell my governor Kivutha Kibwana, if you close level 4 hospitals in Makueni, we will impeach you. It is an impeachable offence for any governor to take instructions from another governor and shutdown hospitals,” Junior stated.

Governor Kibwana said the delay in disbursement of revenue was the failure of the Senate which has been debating the matter for over three months.

He added that he wondered how Senator Junior expected him to run the hospitals when staff had been unpaid for three months.

Kibwana made reference to his impeachment in 2014 which has the support of Senator Junior and saw all MCAs lose elections in the 2017 General Election.

"For three months #TheSenate_KE has denied Counties funds for development and salaries. Can Sen. Mutula Jnr run a county as Governor without funds for three months My 2014 impeachment by Sen.Mutula Jnr and others is still in Senate. The Senator's askari who shot at me was jailed."

"How can Senate miserably fail Kenyans and then blame the presidency and Council Governors? Several County Employees have come to me after their rental premises were padlocked. Senators continue to draw their salaries and sitting allowances," Kibwana said.


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