Mandera County

Its capital and largest town is Mandera.

It borders Ethiopia to the North, Somalia Republic to the East, and Wajir County to the South and South West.

The county covers an area of 25,797.70 Km and has a population of 1,025, 756. Its headquarters are located in Mandera Town. It is about 1,100km from the capital city of Nairobi by road.

Climate/Weather: Rainfall is scanty and unpredictable averaging 255mm. It is very hot with temperatures at a mean annual average of 28.3C but can reach a high of 37C.

Nomadic pastoralism is the major economic activity in the in the county with camels, goats, sheep and cattle being the main type of livestock reared. The region vast pasture land has allowed this activity to be viable.

The main water sources in the region are river Daua a number of shallow wells and few major earth pans.

The region has small scale agriculture production with small scale horticulture producers supplying Mangoes, pawpaws, onions, kales and Banana to the local market.

According to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census the population was 1,025,756 with a population density of 39 people per Km2 and an annual growth rate of 3.96%. Age Distribution was 0-14 years 53.7%, 15-64 years 44.4% and over 65 years 1.9%.

Security and Al-Shabaab threat

Mandera County has been a recipient of the Al-Shabaab onslaught since 2011.

Electoral constituencies

The county has six constituencies:


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