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New twist as another lover to Mary Wambui’s husband emerges with Kori’s baby

More drama as another woman surfaces with Kori's baby

File image of Mary Wambui with Joseph Kori

The Mary Wambui murder case in which her husband Joseph Kori is a suspect continues to unravel hidden details with yet another woman emerging claiming to have a son with the embattled businessman.

Grace Wangari, the latest woman in Kori’s complicated love life claims that Kori deserted her in 2012 after they were blessed with a son.

She alleges that the businessman disappeared into the thin air and blocked her calls shortly after Kori relocated from Kayole in Nairobi to Nakuru to try his hands in business leaving her with a child and a Nokia 6805 as memories.


The two met in 2007 while Wangari was a stewardess at Kikwetu restaurant in Nairobi.

Recalling how they met, Wanjiru stated that “It was Kenyatta Day when he first walked into the restaurant. He was cool, smartly dressed and minding his own business. “I don’t know how it happened but I just found myself serving his table and this became a habit”.

Love would blossom between the two with the union resulting into a son a year later.

Wangari maintains that she did not have any knowledge that Kori had a wife at the time and was still young and naïve.

“Please know that I was very young…I did not have the conscience to ask him if he had a wife and children or not. I had fallen for him.” Wangari said.


Trail of 5 women and counting

Grace Wangari brings the total tally of women who allegedly had sexual relations the businessman to 5.

Among them is businesslady Florence Wangari who is believed to be his business partner.

According to KTN, a trail of SMSs exchanged between Mary and Kori point to a romantic relationship between Kori and business lady. In one of her messages, Wambui complains that despite Florence hurling insults at her, no explanation was given by Kori.

Also in the mix is Grace Wanjiku who came out to defend Kori, claiming that she was his first wife and the man he know could not have murdered Wambui.


Grace and Kori were reportedly married and had a daughter before the later walked out on her to move in win Mary Wambui.

Juddy Wangui who is in police custody over Mary Wambui’s murder is also among the trail of women linked to the businessman and has been identified as his mistress.

She found her way into Kori’s life in 2006 while serving as a secretary at a timber treatment plant that the latter operated in Nakuru.

Their romantic relationship would blossom with Kori renting an apartment for her in the upmarket Fourways junction and lavishing her with presents, holidays and cars according to reports.


Mary Wambui

Shortly after ditching Grace, Kori moved on swiftly to Mary, convincing her to move in with him against the sishes of her mother.

After five years, the couple was blessed with a daughter and that was when things began going down South in the union according to text messages that are in possession of a local media house.

Wambui alleges that as soon as she got pregnant for Kori, he began treating her differently.


In one of the messages from Wambui, she pleads with her husband to have a sit down to sort out their problems (and save the relationship). In the message, she states that she is ready to speak the truth and delete her Facebook account and photos.


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