Memorable Twitter trends for 2019 (Full List)

Just as the years before, 2019 was an exciting year for Kenyans on Twitter as they took any opportunity available to make fun out of the trends of the day.

Memorable Twitter trends in Kenya for 2019 (Full List)

From hit songs to political slurs to global phenomenon and prominent personalities, Kenyans were able to construct memes and create laughs online.

Here are some of the most memorable trends that made 2019 a happy year for KoT.


If there was an award for “Kenyan of the Year” then no doubt Eliud Kipchoge would bag it for 2019. He is the man behind world record for running a marathon in under two hours.

The accomplished athlete’s slogan “No human is limited” has now become a national motto much like Lupita Nyongo’s “Your dreams are valid.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a

Neno Evangelism Ministry founder Apostle James Ng’ang’a is easily the Kenyan who contributed content for the most memes in 2019.

Pastor Ng’anga’s unconventional preaching coupled with his arrogant responses to challengers became the object of fun for many Kenyans on Twitter. He even managed to grab the attention of renowed American rapper Snoop Dogg.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Hardly a month has gone by without President Uhuru Kenyatta becoming the trending topic on Twitter.

Many of the trends have been complaints against his administration but some have also been funny statements or facial expressions he made throughout the year.


Once again, Kenyans managed to offend a whole nation sparking up a tweef that formed discussions for weeks.

#ParteAfterParte/ Mbinginjii imekulwa na ndogi/ Kaa na mama yako

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo also gave meme lords a lot of content to work with. He is the genius behind the phrases “Kijana fupi round, amenona”, “kama hakuna kaa na mama yako” and even “we kif up”.

Other phrases that became popular and have even been featured in local songs are “Parte after parte” which is the creation of Uganda’s Big Tril and “Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi” which was said by a girl from Meru named Happiness.

Twa twa

Kenyans never pass up an opportunity to talk about sex without having to mention it, so when Kasarani Pastor Susan Munene gave them the “twa twa everywhere” euphemism they went crazy!

Wamlambez Wamnyonyez

Another phrase that coloured 2019 for Kenyans online is “Wamlambez wamnyonyez” by gengeton music group Sailors.

Sco pa tu manaa

The phrase has become a global sensation and Kenyans have not been left behind. There are various meanings for the phrase which include: “What experience does this remind you of?” and “What do you think about this?”


Just like Sco pa tu manaa, Bomboclat has become a popular conversation starter among the Twitter community. Bomboclat is a Jamaican slang that is equivalent to saying “douchebag” in English.

I’m gonna tell my kids

As the year drew to a close, Kenyans joined the world in tweeting hilarious memes with the caption “I’m gonna tell my kids…”

#WajingaNyinyi/ #WanjigaSisi

The two trending hashtags crowned the year for Kenyans online as they became aware of the impact of bad politics and corruption on the country.

The tags were borrowed from a rap song titled "Wajinga Nyinyi" by musician Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka on December 14.


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