News anchor unable to control laughter as Kiunjuri unleashes kikuyu proverbs against Murathe, Mutahi Ngunyi

Kiunjuri was interviewed on Inooro TV after launching his party, TSP

Mike Njenga unable to control laughter as Mwangi Kiunjuri unleashes Kikuyu proverbs against David Murathe, Mutahi Ngunyi

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri on Wednesday demonstrated his mastery of Gikuyu proverbs while appearing for an interview with Inooro TV news anchor Mike Njenga.

Kiunjuri was interviewed after launching his newly formed political party, The Service Party (TSP).

In his usual political modus operandi, the former CS delivered his message in colorful Gikuyu which was filled with clever proverbs.

However, it was his proverbs in response to criticism from Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe and Mutahi Ngunyi that led to the host anchor Mike Njenga bursting out into laughter.

"I CONGRATULATE for INVENTING a party. #TheServiceParty. Because he is MY FRIEND, I will NOT diss him. But if he was NOT MY FRIEND, I would have told him that the NAME is WOOLLY. And that YELLOW is the COLOUR of WITHERING things! But I will NOT say this to my FRIEND," Ngunyi had said on Kiunjuri said.

"I have read what Mutahi Ngunyi wrote while David Murathe said your TSP is a blue band party, how would you respond?" Njenga posed.

"I know that is from Mutahi Ngunyi's twitter account but I'm not sure about the one said to be Murathe. I would like to be sure if it's him. However, Mike you must understand that in every village there are bootlickers and people who are hired to spread gossip."

"If you slaughter your fattest cow, there will be people who will claim you slaughtered it because you noticed it was going to die from the fat. If you slaughter your less fattened cow, they will still claim you slaughtered it because you were worried it was going to die from hunger," the former CS said amid laughter from the TV host.

Njenga had a hard time controlling his laughter during the live interview but quickly recomposed himself.

Kiunjuri said the color of his party should not be a big deal and noted that former President Mwai Kibaki founded the Democratic Party (DP) with yellow as the dominant color.

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