Millie Odhiambo narrates how she attended a funeral only to realize it was fake

Millie Odhiambo duped into attending fake burial

Suba North lawmaker Millie Odhiambo

Suba North lawmaker Millie Odhiambo told her followers that she was duped into attending and contributing at a fake funeral in her constituency.

The Suba North Member of Parliament noted that there was a rise of conmen in her constituency and it was not the first time she was conned.

Ms Odhiambo narrated how she has been duped by people she knows too well into giving contributions for dead kin only to find out later the person was alive.

Con games

In one instance the legislator narrated how her representatives had gone to condole with a family after she was informed of the death of their son only for them to find out it was a lie.

"My representatives arrived at a home to say pole to a guy personally know to me for losing the son. The family were shocked to learn they were supposedly bereaved," Ms Odhiambo stated.

"I attended another one myself only to discover it was fake. There was no funeral. However, you learn to take it easy," she added.


Funerals have become places of spectacle with many people looking to make money out of the grief of the bereaved family.

A gang of women continues was blasted for conning bereaved families within Kiambu County and defrauding family and friends without shame.

One lady was a victim of this gang where she was duped into sending mobile money transfers of Ksh43,000 and lost a phone worth Ksh24,000.

Detectives noted that the gang used drugs on their targets after reading newspaper obituaries and listening to obituaries on the radio for death and funeral announcements.


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