Moses Kuria exposes 4 agendas to be discussed at Jubilee's PG meeting Today

Moses Kuria exposes 4 agendas to be discussed at Jubilee's PG meeting Today

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria makes damning claims on Jubilee PG meeting

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has revealed four agendas he says will be discussed during the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting on Monday, June 22.

In a lengthy post, Kuria claimed that the highly anticipated meeting will be another setback for democracy in Kenya.

He went ahead to disclose the four agendas he alleged would be the focus of today's meeting.

According to him, the Building Bridges Initiative will be the first order of the day, adding that Kenyans were not feeling the movement.

Moses Kuria reveals

"Firstly today is all about the Building Bridges Initiative. In contrast to 2010, we do not have a constitutional moment. Kenyans do not feel it. There is no oomph," Kuria stated.

He reasoned that Kenyans are facing tough financial times and the BBI is not a priority to them amid the pandemic which is ravaging through the world.

"Kenyans do not feel Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga as far the BBI is concerned. And I am in no way suggesting that all the intended changes are bad," he said.

"The economy is on its deathbed. Kenyans are hungry and broke. To make matters worse, the drafters of the BBI process forgot to add a section to legislate against COVID-19 so the pandemic could not have come at a worse time for the BBI," the MP added.

Agenda 2

The second agenda listed by Mr Kuria is the ongoing tussle between the Judiciary and the Executive on the delayed appointment of 41 judges.

Kuria stated: "The failure to appoint the 41 judges is a smokescreen. The real issue is the replacement of the Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga whose term ends in December this year-2020."

He continued: "A Deep State Chief Justice will be unveiled to not only agree to a repeat of the hiring process but also work on two other deliverables. The complete weaponisation of the criminal justice system and the politicization of the war against corruption."

According to the Gatundu South MP, the BBI report intends to remove the Chief Justice from the Judicial Service Commission.

"In the BBI Report, the Chief Justice will be removed from the Judicial Service Commission. This will facilitate full stranglehold of the Judiciary by the Deep State. With the 2022 General Elections in 2 years time, one will have to be out if their minds to want to file a petition in such a judiciary," the legislator said.

Agenda 3 & 4

The third agenda he listed was the picking of IEBC Commissioners by political parties. Kuria claimed that ODM leader Raila Odinga is behind this agenda.

"First, the BBI report will recommend that IEBC commissioners be picked by political parties. This has been the long-held desire of Raila Odinga," Kuria claimed.

"He fervently fought to introduce the same in the 2016 Kiraitu-Orengo Committee of which I was a member," he added.

According to Kuria, the last agenda is the transfer of functions by Nairobi County Government to the National Government.

"The militarization that has been carried out successfully in Nairobi County through the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) will be rolled out in other sectors in quick succession," the Gatundu South MP claimed.


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