Moses Kuria in face to face confrontation with Governor Nyoro over Kitui incident

Be very careful

Moses Kuria in face to face confrontation with Governor James Nyoro over Kitui incident

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Sunday publicly confronted Kiambu Governor James Nyoro over a past incident during a BBI rally in Kitui.

Kuria accsed Governor Nyoro of opening a can of worms with the call for Kuria to be evicted from the Kitui BBI rally.

The legislator said Nyoro's insistence that he be chased was the trigger for the sentiments made at the BBI rally in Narok calling on non-indigenous communities not to contest for political seats in Narok and Kajiado counties.

"Recently I was with the Governor in Kitui and you all saw what happened but we leave it to God. But Governor , I think you are a good teacher. Once you said I should be kicked out of Kitui and taken to Gatundu, there are people who took you seriously and are applying that lesson.

"Yesterday, they did not only say Moses Kuria should leave, they said all Kikuyus and Kipsigis should leave their county and go back to their original homes. It is a very dangerous thing to stay because you have no idea how it will end. Be very careful," Kuria said.

Kuria and Nyoro publicly met for the first time since the Kitui incident while visiting the family of deceased Kahawa Wendani MCA Cyrus Omondi who died while on a foreign trip in India.

The Gatundu South MP said Omondi's election in Kiambu was a signal of the kind of country Kenyans want, and particularly Kiambu County electorate.


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