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Aden Duale clashes with Murkomen after the senator claimed Parliament is ‘dead’

Parliament is expected to meet today

Governor Stephen Sang , Murkomen ad Duale. Aden Duale clashes with Murkomen after the senator claimed Parliament is ‘dead’

National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale has cautioned senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen to refrain from generalizing issues after insinuating that parliament is dead.

On Monday, Senator Murkomen alleged that the National Assembly has been reduced to an extension of the Executive arm of government, with the mandate of only rubber stamping its decisions.

“For the 1st time Standard has boldly called out my colleague Sen. Moi&his bro.I hope they were quoted in the story. I can however confirm that Parliament is DEAD. It’s an extension of Executive & the opposition is causing stampede trying to be more government than government itself. If we return Parliament to be the Independent institution anticipated in the 2010 Constitution, then we shall be of help to our Jubilee in governing the country better and give greater benefit to the people. If we continue this way history will judge us harshly. Bro you are going there to rubber stamp Executive decisions. Don’t lie to Kenyans. Let’s return Parliament to what it ought to be not a puppet,” said Senator Murkomen in a number of tweets.


Speak for the Senate

However, in a quick rejoinder Duale warned Murkomen to desist from speaking on behalf of National Assembly and only focus on the house he represents.

“To you, my good friend, Senator @kipmurkomen , next time be specific and speak for the SENATE! An open letter to Senator @kipmurkomen Be specific! It is quite unfortunate that the Leader of Majority Party of the Senate, Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has been quoted saying Parliament is "Dead". Well, Senator Kipchumba please be specific because unless you mean Senate is " DEAD" or "DIED ALONG TIME AGO", the @NAssemblyKE is alive and doing what it knows best, that is resolving issues of concern of the people of Kenya" said Dule.

Cushion Kenyans


The exchange between the two comes at a time legislators had been called out for failure to cushion Kenyans against the economic effect of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Defending the house, he represents Duale said “Tomorrow, I invite you to follow our proceedings as we sit to deliberate on measures geared towards cushioning Kenyans from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic As the National Assembly, on the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic, we will create synergies when there is need to and oversight on all measures by the Executive. That is what we were elected to do. To REPRESENT, LEGISLATE AND OVERSIGHT”.

On the other hand, Murkomen said that the Senate is working on establishing a COVID19 Emergency Committee.

“For the record: In the Senate I moved a motion establishing COVID19 Emergency Committee Chaired by @SakajaJohnson to put together policy and legislative proposals to deal with this pandemic. The Senate meets tomorrow to approve its recommendations. We shall keep doing our job” said Murkomen.


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