Raila reveals how MPs have turned corrupt

Raila exposes

Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga has called out Members of Parliament (MPs) who demand money before executing their duties.

Speaking during an interview aired by NTV on Sunday night, the former Prime Minister noted that the current crop of MPs in Kenya is different from what the country had in the past.

Mr Odinga noted that legislators have stopped being principled and they demand to be paid despite holding salaries.

"... the love for money is a dangerous development in our country where people do things not out of principle and you can see this even in our representatives both at the county level and Parliament," the ODM leader said.

"Members of Parliament are asking to be paid money to do something. That never happened in our days. People came out to do something in the public interest," he continued.

Shameful acts

The AU envoy condemned the precedence this was setting and especially to the youth in Kenya who have MPs and other leaders as examples.

He said: "Members of Parliament should not be doing things because they are paid... it is a very bad example for the youth in the society when people adore and worship money... this is the beginning of corruption and corruption thrives in this kind of society."

In 2018, reports emerged that MPs were being bribed with as little as Ksh10,000 in the toilets to shoot down a controversial sugar report.

The multimillion bribery scheme involving legislators to influence the outcome of the report in which Kenya lost more than Ksh10 billion in taxes came to light painting a grim picture of the shameful happenings in the Kenyan Parliament.


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