MPs probe why importation of Russian Covid-19 vaccine was halted

Why Sputnik V vaccine was discontinued in Kenya

Sputnik-V vaccine

Controversy has surrounded a move by the Government of Kenya to suspend the importation of the Russian Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine.

The announcement made on April 2, 2021 had noted that private importers were not regulated by the government.

Ministry of Health CAS Rashid Aman was on Thursday tasked to explain the suspension by the Senate Health Committee.

In a his address to the Committee, Dr Aman stated that the Ministry is in the process of setting up structures to license private entities for the importation of the vaccine.

The CAS insisted that the ban was necessitated by public health and safety concerns.

"No private entity will be involved in the Government procurement of COVID-19 vaccines," Dr Aman noted.

He elaborated that the government will only import the vaccines from manufacturers, the COVAX Facility and the AFRICA CDC Platform.


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