Mwangi Kiunjuri blames Raila as he complains of life outside government

All my bank accounts are being watched

Mwangi Kiunjuri blames Raila Odinga as he complains of life outside government

Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri on Wednesday blamed ODM Leader Raila Odinga for the tribulations facing Deputy President William Ruto and his allies.

Kiunjuri spoke during the funeral service of the late Mama Ruth Wanjiku Iraya in Kiambu where he also spoke for the first time, on the tribulations that have faced him since leaving government.

He said the state agencies were discriminating against politicians who support Ruto but added that he would stand with the DP to the last minute.

"William Ruto will remain my friend. DP, you can count on at least one general who will stand with you whether we form the government or we go to the Opposition. We should not have a system where there are double standards so that when Kiunjuri leaves here, the DCI has all my files, the EACC has also asked for them all and all my banks accounts are also being watched. What kind of a country are we living in, the person who has brought all this is Raila Odinga," Kiunjuri said.

The former CS said the Tanga Tanga team allied to the DP should be allowed to have their own BBI meetings so accommodate all views.

In an indirect reference to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kiunjuri warned that the BBI process was likely to demolish existing bridges while purporting to build others.

"My friend, how can you tell us to build bridges while you are demolishing others? This will not happen because we no longer have fools in Kenya. Let us stop hiding our cards because everything has an end. The colonialists came here and left, Jomo Kenyatta was here and he left it to Moi, Kibaki came and he did not exhaust development, he left it to Uhuru," he said.

Ruto, who was also at the burial ceremony, urged his allies to soldier on as he would work to ensure things worked despite the tribulations facing his team.


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