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Nairobi Lawyers weigh in on Sonko-Leaks, amid gag order from the courts

November 25th 2021, 11:44:41 am

Why Nairobi lawyers support Sonko leaks

Usiwache hii ujinga iendelee - Governor Mike Sonko's daring address to President Uhuru Kenyatta on live TV

A section of Nairobi lawyers has come out in support of an exposé series being conducted by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

The prominent lawyers have pointed out ways in which the exposé series, now dubbed Sonko Leaks, can be utilized to curb corruption at the courts.

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This comes just as a Nairobi Magistrate's Court granted orders to have the politician barred from releasing more of his "leaks" until a suit before the court is decided.

"Pending hearing Inter Partes hearing the defendants are hereby restrained from publishing further statements and articles forthwith as regards the plaintiffs," Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga ruled.

Lawyers Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Nelson Havi (President, Law Society of Kenya) seem to be of the opinion that Sonko Leaks may be useful.

Senior Counsel Abdullahi, alias Grand Mullah, suggested that the judges' employer, Judicial Service Commission (JSC) conduct a two-week long cross-examination of Mr Sonko.

Grand Mullah believes that the politician's findings could assist in cleaning up the Judiciary bench.

"Why is the Judiciary, JSC and the Hon. CJ Martha Koome not debriefing Mike Sonko on his #sonkoleaks with a view to net as many corrupt judges as possible? A two week retreat with him to Mombasa will be a very good idea," he suggested.

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While responding to SC Ahmednasir's view, lawyer Donald Kipkorir (DBK) poured water on the idea, highlighting that even the Grand Mullah would find it challenging to conduct the exercise over 14 days.

"AA, will you accept to be present as the President of the Senior Counsel Bar for the entire duration of the debrief? And will you be the one in charge of recording the historical two weeks debrief?" DBK posed.

In furtherance of the case for #sonkoleaks, LSK President Havi campaigned for action against some of those implicated by the exposés.

"Two issues in Mike Sonko exposé of corruption in Judiciary should not go unnoticed and unremedied: decision by Wasilwa J legitimizing NMS after quashing it and when matter was before Court of Appeal; and High Court decision designating a Governor to frustrate an election," he advocated.

Kenyans celebrate Sonko Leaks

Kenya's continue to celebrate Sonko's recordings and subsequent leaks, treating the practice as a sign of solidarity with the common mwananchi (citizen).

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One Edgar Shivachi, a Twitter user, on November 16 posted: "Mike Sonko thank you for exposing Judicial rot in this country Many Kenyans are suffering through court systems."

Another, Mwanthi Vincent on November 25 remarked: "Sonko leaks enables Kenyans to know who their leaders are! He cares for the ordinary Mwananchi."

Sonko's politician colleagues, however, have expressed their disapproval of his methods, some having been victims of the now famous 'sonko recordings'.

Suna East Member of Parliament (MP) Junet Muhamed on Thursday asked lawyer Ahmednasir: "SC how sure are you that those issues raised are real? Who is sure that JSC is corrupt? Who knows if the judges are corrupt, who knows if Sonko is an accomplice?"

One Omar Ahmed Ali added: "It is beyond crystal clear that the Grand Mullah is making a joke and a mockery on #sonkoleaks issue. Sonko needs to be forcible committed to a psychiatric hospital."


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