Top Police boss- VIPs need clearance to use wrong side of the road

Who is allowed right of way-

Motorcades allowed right of way

VIPs need special clearance to use the wrong side of the road if they are not on the list of those excused to have right of way.

Nairobi Traffic Police Commander Joshua Omukata said that VIPs need to be helped by the traffic police if they are to use the wrong side of the road.

Mr Omukata said: "Under the inevitable circumstances the VIP needs to inform the traffic boss of the area so that the road can be cleared for them if indeed they have to use the wrong side."

Twitter has been abuzz after motorists on Langata road blocked a person issued with a government vehicle used the wrong side of the road.

List of those allowed

According to a list released last year by the IG of Police Hillary Mutyambai, there was a number of public leaders entitled to the right of way.

Among VIPs liable for such kind of treatment include the President, Deputy President, as well as the First Lady.

Cabinet Secretaries for Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs and their Principal Secretaries, as well as ambulances and fire brigade vehicles, are also liable for clearance.

Retired President/Prime Minister

Also listed on that list is the Chief of Defence Forces, Service Commanders of Defence Forces, Inspector General National Police Service, Deputy Inspector General-Kenya Police Service and the Deputy Inspector General-Administration Police Service.

Others are the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Speaker of the Senate, the Majority leader of the National Assembly, the Senate Majority Leader, retired Presidents and the retired Prime Minister.


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