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Peter Kenneth rejects Nairobi results

The elections were a sham....

Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth.

Provisional results from constituencies across Nairobi show his bitter rival Senator Mike Sonko leading in most of the polling stations.

Shortly after the start of counting of votes, Kenneth said he had disassociated himself from the elections which he termed as a “sham” that the Jubilee Party purported to have for the Nairobi Party.


Kenneth has now demanded that the elections be nullified and fresh elections be conducted which must rely on a genuine list of party members.

The former Gatanga legislator complained that non-members of the Jubilee Party voted in the nominations.

Multiple voting

“Cases of multiple voting in various polling stations altering the true reflection of the members,” Kenneth said.

He said that despite the party issuing a statement that the voting will be conducted using the Jubilee register, most of the constituencies did not have the register and allowed people to vote using only their IDs.


Kenneth has also protested the use of a marker instead of indelible ink which was easily washed off and aided multiple voting across polling stations.

“There were cases of outright bribery by some of the candidates outside polling stations to alter the true voting outcome,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth and Sonko have been locked in a bitter battle that has threatened to tear apart the Jubilee Party in Nairobi, a situation that has even forced President Uhuru Kenyatta to offer himself as a mediator to end the feud between the two politicians.


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