Drama as violent suspect stabs 3 people in courtroom (Photos)

An aggressive suspect stabbed a Nakuru magistrate at least six times after she sentenced him to a lengthy prison term for ‘minor’ offense.


Nakuru Resident Magistrate, Ms Eunice Kelly, cheated death after a suspect he was sentencing stabbed her on the neck with a screwdriver.

The suspect, Michael Njeri Kuhora, had been released on bond in a case in which he had been accused of assaulting Edith Adhiambo.

On that fateful Tuesday November 22nd 2016, Michael Kuhora walked into the courtroom armed with a screwdriver in his jacket.

Apparently suspects who are not in police custody don’t get frisked when they appear for hearing in court, as it emerged after the incident.

Mr. Kuhora who had concealed his intentions throughout the court proceeding, pounced on Edith Adhiambo and stabbed her on the neck just after the magistrate sentenced her to three years in prison for assaulting the plaintiff.

He then injured a court orderly on his arm when he tried restraining him after he pounced on Edith Adhiambo.

But Mr. Kuhora wasn’t done yet, he rushed towards the magistrate Kelly waving the screwdriver and stabbed her at least six times on her right upper arm before he attempted to flee from the courtroom.

Police responded in time and apprehended him while he was trying to vanish amid the chaos and confusion of people running away from the courtroom.

Magistrate Kelly and the court orderly were taken to the Aga Khan Hospital where they were discharged after it emerged they suffered minor injuries. Edith Adhiambo was admitted to Mediheal hospital as she suffered severe injuries on her neck.

Police told the press that Michael Kuhora would be charged with attempted murder on top of his assault charges.


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