Nandi elders defend ritual performed on DP Ruto saying it’s religious

The blessings are on Ruto alone

File image of DP Ruto

The Nandi elders have come out to defend the rituals they performed on Deputy President William Ruto and affirm that they are religious people with a Christian foundation.

This is after an early morning ceremony was conducted on Friday morning in Kipsirwo village. Reports indicated that sacrifices were offered near a hill to cleanse the DP and protect him from bad omen as he prepares himself for the 2022 presidential elections.

Talai clan is a religious community

Addressing those disregarding the ritual, James Baasi, the chairman of the Talai clan and a reverend, noted that they are a religious community and nobody should say otherwise.

“We are a religious community. I am the chairman of Talai community and I am an Anglican since 1953 up to date. Those saying otherwise, we pray that God will forgive you” said Reverend James Baasi.

No one else can get the blessings

Another elder added that no other organ can perform the ritual they performed on Ruto and their blessings are on Ruto alone.

“We have given him the blessings and it is going to be that way. Any other person who is going to come around will be null and void for him to get any blessings. It is a period like when Samuel anointed David. The oil descended on Ruto and it will remain forever” the elder said.

The elders declared Ruto as the Kalenjin kingpin and he is expected to pick up the leadership role from where the late President Daniel Moi left.


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