New CCTV footage emerges, revealing damning details on Kevin Omwenga's death [Video]

Key suspect caught returning gun after shooting

New CCTV footage emerges, revealing damning details on Kevin Omwenga's death [Video]

A new CCTV footage has emerged, shedding more light on what transpired on the day Kilimani businessman Kevin Omwenga was shot in his bedroom.

Omwenga was allegedly shot dead in a business deal-gone wrong that has so far seen cuty businessman Chris Obure and his body guard Robert Ouko Bodo arrested.

The footage recorded at Chris Obure’s office implicates Robert Ouko in the murder, showing him picking the gun that was allegedly used in the murder of the 28-year-old businessman.

Ouko was captured entering Chris Obure’s office located along Galana road at 6:26 am on 22 August 2020, the same day that Omwenga was shot dead.

He headed for the keys to the safe in which the gun used in the shooting, a Ceska pistol was stored.

The footage shows him talking on a walkie talkie with an unidentified person before picking the weapon.

He cocked the weapon before walking out at 6:29 am on a day that would leave Omwenga dead and see him face murder charges.

Ouko was once again captured returning the murder weapon at 11:37 pm at night after Omwenga was shot dead in his bedroom.

He also filled the magazine, replacing one round that had been fired into Omwenga’s chest, leaving him dead.

He left the offices at 11:43pm and headed to Kilimani police station where he was detained and processed to be arraigned in court.

In his defense, Ouko maintained that the bullet ripped through Omwenga’s chest accidentally, maintaining that the deceased had borrowed the gun earlier for show-off purposes.


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