Sky News reporter gave me Sh20,000 - Isaac Betti now claims

New twist in mystery of stowaway who fell from KQ plane in UK

New twist after Isaac Betti now claims Sky News reporter John Sparks gave him Sh20,000

Isaac Betti, the man who denied a Sky News report that his son had perished as a stowaway aboard a Kenya Airways flight, has now claimed that the reporter John Sparks gave him Sh20,000.

Speaking to Nation, Isaac explained that he only went along with the reporter's suggestions because he did not want villagers to find out his son had been incarcerated.

He narrated that he had told the reporter he was not certain of where his son worked in Nairobi adding that he had clarified that his son's name is Cedric Shivonje Isaac.

"I could not tell them that my son was in jail...all this time I knew my son was in remand but I could not reveal to them. I wanted to protect him, I did not want the villagers to know that my son was in jail," the man disclosed.

Isaac also claims that Sparks gave him Sh20,000 after the interview. He, however, did not reveal what he had understood from the reporter giving him the money or what it was intended for.

Kamiti prison remandee Cedric Shivonje speaks

Nation also interviewed one Cedric Shivonje who confirmed the photos circulated by the UK news outlet were picked from his Facebook page.

Cedric is a remandee at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where he is being held after he was arrested on August 7 on defilement charges.

"I saw my pictures on Citizen TV but the name was not mine. They said I was a cleaner at Jomo Kenyatta Airport. The next day, a warden told me the full story and inmates started calling me 'kifo' and 'maiti', I cried a lot," Cedric told reporters.

No family has come out to claim the body that fell from the KQ flight just minutes before it landed at Heathrow Airport.


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