New US Ambassador causes a stir with "rude" replies, zero chills style

Undiplomatic language?

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter

Newly appointed US Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter has landed in Nairobi with a new style that appears to challenge the diplomatic norms. 

McCarter, perhaps borrowing from the abrasive style of his President, Donald Trump, has been firing salvos with what urban Kenyans refer to as "zero-chills" replies to criticism. 

On I9th of March, the American envoy tweeted that missed a coma, prompting Erick Owala to reply. 

"Victoria enjoyed being with young entrepreneurs in Nanyuki today. When their neighbor Nakumat closed business went down so they got a loan and bought the shop from the owner. Making history. Best of success to you ladies," McCarter tweet read. 

The Ambassador hit back with a savage reply saying, "here is a comma. , Just for you". 

Another user, Eve of Edne, challenged the US envoy on American diplomatic policy that appears to lecture developing countries. 

McCarter family background

"Welcome to Kenya. Will you do things differently or will have the same approach of talking but no action? We DON'T need a preacher in form of ambassador...we need an action-oriented individual...connect us with US huge market, say, in Agriculture, housing, etc," the tweet stated.

The Ambassador responded bluntly, explaining that he was an expert on investments, "I have made my living as an entrepreneur manufacturer my whole career. Invest is what I do". 

Another Kenyan questioned the US's actions on helping resolve the hunger crisis but McCarter responded by making reference to his personal family background working for a charitable organisation. 

"You will probably be surprised to know that I even know what Jiggers are and have had them. Also my family has been feeding and saving Kenyan children for over 30 years. We have done this joyfully without any compensation," he tweeted. 

Another netizen who questioned the envoy's reference to personal stories got a dose of the Ambassador's medicine. 

"I am surprised you took time to comment. You aren’t required to read my personal related posts. You can simply read those regarding policy. 1000 plus others thought it was relevant however," McCarter stated. 

McCharles Consulting questioned the American diplomat's relationship with perceived corrupt people. 

"Not sure what you are talking about, dude. Corruption should not be tolerated in Kenya or Chicago. Btw I am not from Chicago," the envoy stated. 

He later explained that he was willing to work with all stakeholders, regardless of their imperfections. 

"I will work w/all stakeholders in order to achieve peace, safety, and prosperity for both USA &Kenya. Hon DP Ruto has the ability & position to deliver this. Besides if I only worked with perfect people I would be very lonely, staying at home everyday with my imperfect self," McCarter stated. 

The US Ambassador, however, is not new to controversy as he was forced to apologise over a tweet calling for former US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton to be imprisoned. 

"Hillary for prison. No, really," he tweeted at the height of the 2017 battle between Clinton and McCarter's man - Donald Trump. 

It was perhaps not the wisest of tweets...It is one of those tweets you’d like to reel in but can’t," McCarter said. 


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