Nilipekejeng – Tanga Tanga MP brags about impregnating his third wife

Never a dull day in Kenyan politics

Nlipekejeng – Nakuru Town East David Gikaria brags about impregnating his third wife

Nakuru Town East David Gikaria Friday caused a light moment after he bragged about impregnating his third wife at a public rally organized by the “Inua mama” team allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

Gikaria was invited to welcome the Inua Mama team that visited Nakuru on the invitation of area Senator Susan Kihika.

He went ahead to introduce two of his three wives who were present at the rally.

As a leader, it is good for people to know your first lady. For me, I have three first ladies. (Gesturing to the wives) hurry up here because this is not my day. There is one who is not here, something happened to her (gesturing a protruding stomach), nilipekejeng' kupekejeng' (a popular sheng’ word for sex),” Gikaria said as the crowd cheered.

This one is Veronica Wairimu, she is the First Lady Number One. And this one is Dorcas Wangui, she is also the First Lady Number One B. First Lady Number One C is not here, but I will bring her here another day,” the legislator stated.

Gikaria concluded his speech by joking he was able to handle his three wives without being helped by anyone. 

"Am I capable or not? I want them to confirm that I do not get assistance," he said.


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