DP Ruto accused of inciting 2022 post election violence

He is preparing for a repeat of 2007

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri accuses DP William Ruto of inciting 2022 post election violence with deep state claims

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has accused Deputy President William Ruto of inciting his supporters to use violence while challenging the 2022 presidential election results.

Wambugu took issue with Ruto's recent comments that the DP was ready to tackle the deep state that allegedly wants to rig him out of the 2022 election.

The Kieleweke MP said the DP is likely to dispute the election and his supporters will then begin a violent confrontation with the government similar to what happened in the 2007 general election.

"Ruto is trying to build a siege mentality amongst his followers, so that when - not if - he doesn't make it in 2022 - he will immediately say the ‘deep state/system' has fixed him and ‘some people seated somewhere have stolen his ejection’ (he suggested as much), and that will be his reason to refuse the results of that election - and (maybe) become the catalyst for what will certainly be violent confrontations between his followers, and the government," the MP said.

Wambugu appeared to blame Ruto for the 2007 post election violence that saw 1300 people lose their lives and over six hundred thousand Kenyans displaced.

"Its exactly what happened in 2007 when he was in ODM. Then it was ‘madoadoa’. It didn’t work then - though innocent lives were lost because of it. (And incidentally since he left ODM Kenya has not had that kind of violence again, despite ODM losing elections severally since then, and having the same complaints). It will also not work in 2022 because Kenyans are ‘woke’. And no Kenyan will lose his life," he opined.

Cotu Secretary General also criticized the statement by Ruto saying it was the height of dishonesty for the second most powerful person in government to claim his own government was planning to rig elections.

"To dare his own government to rig him out is outrageous. The best thing to do after making those allegations is to resign. If he was saying so out of the government, he would be believed,” Atwoli stated.


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